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About the project

Sport.video helps amateur sports clubs, leagues and federations to film, produce, distribute and market sports matches and their key moments, and also helps clubs connect with new sponsors.

All the user needs is a smartphone.

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Core Development
UI Design

The owners approached us with the need for a website redesign and the development of a web application. The key requirement was the ability to embed individual videos, matches, or entire competitions into external pages to enhance the appeal of sports news from amateur leagues, covering every sport and country.

Our task was to create a complete package for promoting sports and, simultaneously, a pleasant space where one can follow the most interesting daily events.


What are the results?

5 600
Sport clubs
Countries where the platform is being used
Sports that you’ll find here
1,4 mil
Videos recorded
A platform for athletes, fans, and videographers

The package offers recordings of sports events and the most interesting highlights of the day.

  • Video browsing on the online portal
  • Application for content viewing
  • Filming application for sports match cameramen
Monetization of sports videos through the insertion of advertisements

Thanks to advanced dashboards directly integrated into the platform, clubs and leagues have an overview of their marketing potential, enabling them to further build their identity. The option to insert their own ads into the video brings opportunities for monetizing the potential of amateur sports.

Technologies used

The platform utilizes a custom-built application:

  • Built on the latest stable versions of the Python framework Django and Django CMS
  • Rapid and almost faultless deployment of new versions is ensured by a combination of automated scripts and Docker
  • Advanced search and filtering are implemented using a sophisticated ElasticSearch solution

All technologies undergo regular updates to ensure the highest stability and security of the overall system.

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