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SmartBase® Training and Operation Management that don’t need management

Do you need to train tens or hundreds of employees, but you don’t want to organise expensive and inefficient training? SmartBase® Training and Operation Management is the right “teacher” for your business. Your employees will be provided with the information they need at the right time. They can manage their training themselves, without time loss and unnecessary costs.

Seamless Integration

Easy to integrate with your economic, attendance change management systems.


Targets and Rewards

Reward you employees based on defiend performance and learning targets.


Organization Structure

Distrubute important information horizontally or vertically based on your organization structure.


Automated Tests

Test the employees and track their performance based on automated courses and series of tests.

Innovative management that creates an experience

Gret tool for company values management across multiple markets and countries.

Training and attendance standards and sales targets must be defined for effective business management. Only this way can you get closer to the “dream” store network offering the same quality and experience to all customers, while generating the expected profit.

Training and operation management via the intranet provides an innovative option for management to manage even a large company operating in several markets.

Sales with unstoppable growth

Do you want to increase sales of a certain product segment? With SmartBase® Training and Operation Management you can define the sales target, which the app notifies to all sellers and then monitors fulfilment. This ensures automation of the business cycle, meaning time and cost savings. If sellers are unable to meet the target, the app offers them training materials and training tests, which increases their chances of meeting the targets.

Remuneration in the future

Did you know that points can motivate? During a sales cycle, employees receive points for their activities.

In addition to sales performance, they can be awarded for successfully completed tests, attendance, behaviour, etc. Based on the points awarded for a given period, the app recommends an action to managers – a reward or a reprimand for the employee.

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Top Quality

Employees and their product knowledge are the best advertisement for any business.

Only with their knowledge and conduct can a company maintain its goodwill over the long term. Based on the recommendations of satisfied customers it can increase sales, reach new customers, and improve the company’s reputation.

The highest quality can be achieved by using testing directly in the app, which regularly verifies the most important selected topics. If an employee fails a test, the employee’s manager is notified and material is provided for additional training. The employee then takes another test on the same topic.

Organisational structure without limits

Nobody wants to be limited by the organisational structure. Employees are assigned to individual departments in the organisational structure and within the regional structure according to the regional distribution. This allows ERO to specify employee training and testing according to regional differences.

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Training as a guarantee of success

Easy information distribution and testing your employee’s knowledge.

Systematic staff training is a key to success. But how can you organise training for all sellers in different stores, regions or on the road without time loss and increased costs? ERO offers an ideal method for getting the necessary information to a large group of people, with the added value of feedback on whether knowledge was acquired. Don’t send people to be trained, bring the training to them!

Flexibility that generates strong results

Camunda process management technology brings flexibility to defining testing processes.

The answer to what happens in the event of success or failure in a test depends on a simple definition in a chart. Test which model most benefits you, your employees or customers, and decide for yourself.

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21st century communication

Horizontal communication with all employees, or vertical communication with different groups of employees has never been easier.

Training and operation management enables publishing of documents for the entire company, or individual sections. Discussion directly on documents allows commenting on them before approval. Company-wide messages in the system guarantee that data remains secure and within the company while also making sure it is read by your employees.

Integration as necessary

Connecting ERO to economic software provides an overall overview of performance per product category.

It can also be connected to the attendance system and change planning system, so employees only receive generated tests when necessary. The subsequent BI export allows big data analysis.

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