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Our priority is maximum customer experience and reliable data

That's why we pay extra attention to design and UX design. So that the e-shop and web applications are simple and intuitive for the end user. And because the right decisions depend on data quality, we also provide data analysis, audits and help with data transfers and migrations.

Design and UX
We create digital products that are not only visually appealing, but also usable.

Our job is to elegantly combine product visuals, brand identity and functionality.
We will provide your customers with the ultimate experience and you with excellent results with your target groups.

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Programovanie a vývoj na mieru

Professional development of web, mobile and intranet applications at the highest level.
The speed and flexibility of scalability will allow you to build and maintain a strong brand with the best functionality for your users in the long term. All of which we can help you with:

  • web apps and portals
  • mobile apps
  • internet and intranet applications
  • custom development
  • support and administration
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Analyses and Audits

We’ll show you the way to optimize sales, solve problems and save costs and time.
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Performance Audit
Performance audit will help identify weaknesses in e-shops, websites and apps - i.e. the reasons why customers leave, don't use the app or don't fill out the contact form. Thanks to the audit, we know exactly what needs to be addressed and how to improve the speed of the site, e-shop or application. Performance and page load speed is one of the most important parameters for publicly accessible pages indexed by Google. A fast site not only has a positive impact on the customer (giving them a better experience), but it also becomes an important metric for its position in search engines.
UX Audit
Do you have an e-shop, app or website that you feel could work even better? Are you experiencing user churn or falling short of your goals? Then there's a good chance we can identify your problem with a UX analysis. Based on available data, user interviews, testing, and other tools, we'll process an analysis of your solution. We will suggest an appropriate course of action and set goals. Thanks to this, we will reduce the bounce rate, increase the conversion rate, or optimize other KPIs.
Analytical Tools
Accurate data is essential for every "e-tailer". This is needed when making decisions, measuring the success of functional changes, supporting marketing campaigns or leveraging other channels. We can help you set up accurate measurements with third-party services such as Hotjar or Google Analytics. We will then test the connection and evaluate the data.
Software assessment of complexity
An expert opinion will help us assess the formal value of your software, created with another vendor, in hours worked. The technical value of the project (i.e. the time spent on such a project) will give you an idea of how difficult it is to replicate for competitors, or how valuable your software is.
What I appreciate most about working with SmartBase is their insight, thanks to which they were able to recommend the most suitable solutions for our specific eshop.
Radovan Cifra
Radovan Cifra
CEO, Grejt

Data Transformation and Migration

Have data as a powerful and reliable management tool

Do you make decisions based on intuition or on accurate and well-structured information?

Use data as a powerful and reliable management tool.

Import/export of data is possible from/to the following external systems:

  • MS Dynamics
  • SAP, SAP Business One
  • Salesforce
  • Hubspot
  • Cybersoft i6
  • Solitea Money ERP, Solitea
  • Biznis
  • AN Systems
  • A3 SoftTP Soft
  • Llarik
  • Many more
Administration and Monitoring
Administration and Monitoring

Without data, purchasing and warehouse management becomes a risky business.

Administer the system, filter, view and evaluate data as needed, and optimize your costs.

Data import can be done with supported formats:

  • XLS, XLSX (MS Excel)
  • CSV
  • JSON
  • XML

When you have the data available, they will provide you with the answers.

Business Intelligence is a technology used to collect, analyze and present business data.

It lets you see your data in clear dashboards where you can find the information you need.

The subsequent analysis will show you new opportunities to develop your business.

Seamless Collaboration
Seamless Collaboration

Connect all your systems into one compact environment. Get a powerful tool with all the information you need.

In addition, you can view the unified data via a web interface.

Does your supplier need orders with additional data?

Would your business partners welcome a product catalogue in a different structure?

We can help you create high-quality data sources with the necessary outputs.

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