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Human centric user experience and design

We are artists. We create digital products that are not only beautiful, but also usable thanks to professional UI and UX design services. Design thinking helps us bring maximum value to customers in all directions. We can simplify the availability and readability of information and achieve defined goals.

Tailor-made UX and UI design
We create digital products that are not only attractive, but are tailored to the needs of your customers.

Thanks to appropriate techniques and methodologies based on design thinking and user-oriented design, we can provide your customers with the maximum experience.

Our goal is to elegantly combine the visual side of the product, the identity of your brand and functionality. Thanks to this, you will achieve excellent results with a positive response from the target group. Our team then develops the visual design into a working project.

Web presentation

The aim of the design is to influence or change the view of the presentation and ​brand values, thus evoke a positive emotion in the visitors.



A presentation feature that aims to sell a product or service online. Good design can affect conversion rate in a variety of ways.


Web application

We primarily solve a certain problem of the target group. It is usually not a sales channel, but a direct product. The aim of the design is to promote a sense of usefulness and an exceptional user experience.

Experience the user experience audit
Do you have a working project or do you suspect that it could work even better?

Have you detected drop in new sessions or aren’t you meeting your goals? You can use UX analysis to identify your problem.

Based on available data, user interviews, testing or other tools, we will perform the analysis of your project. At the beginning, we propose a suitable procedure, define goals and identify shortcomings. As a result, we can reduce the bounce rate, increase the conversion rate, or optimize other KPIs.

Analytics driving success

Accurate data is the mantra of every online retailer. Needed for making decisions, measuring the success of functional changes, supporting marketing campaigns or usage of other channels. We can help you set up accurate measurements of third-party services such as Hotjar or Google Analytics. We can then test the connections and evaluate the data. It’s that simple.

Design consultations and workshops
Do you want to hear a professional opinion on web design or UX?

Just schedule a consultation with our expert. It will provide you with information that will enable your design to deliver results.

The effort to learn something from this area of yourself or your employees is not a problem, thanks to a workshop that we will prepare for you. Or do you want to become a designer? No problem. Attend workshops that are part of other design processes. We use client’s insight in the given area, for example, when creating the structure of the website using card sorting.

What I appreciate most about working with SmartBase is their insight, thanks to which they were able to recommend the most suitable solution for our specific e-shop.
Radovan Cifra
Radovan Cifra
CEO, Grejt
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