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SmartBase® Mobile Salesman Flexibility where you need it

Mobile Salesman lets your salesman present your products in an integrated catalogue at a customer’s business and compile an order on the salesman’s phone or tablet right there. Prices that are calculated and an overview of stock makes it easier for customers to decide.
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First-hand information

Insights and all of the useful information at salesman’s fingertips.

In the Mobile Salesman, your salesmen have access to extensive data, including daily business, invoice due dates, scheduled goods deliveries and the most frequently ordered goods.

Information in your ERP system can be easily displayed, filtered in a list, or clearly displayed in a chart. In this way, salesmen get all the information necessary to close a deal in real time.


Seamless Translations

Mobile Salesman supports multiple language translations for multi-country operation.


ERP Integration

Support for various ERP systems such as MS Navision, Dynamics, Money ERP, Odoo, Omega, Pohoda and others.


Offline and Online Synchronization

Out of service in the filed? No problem. All the data is synchronized after successful internet connection.


Email Notifications

Contracts and their updates, invoices and much more at hand and in salesman's inbox at any time.

When off-line means on-line

If a salesman meets a customer where there is no network coverage, Mobile Salesman saves the basic catalogue of products and customers.

This lets the salesmen prepare an order to be sent to the system after reconnection to the network. No need to search for signal coverage, or even remember that the order has not been sent, the salesman’s right hand – Mobile Salesman handles everything.

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Acceleration beyond the speed limit

With Mobile Salesman your salesmen will not have to wait for catalogue filtering.

Even customers with a thousand invoices can be displayed immediately. The salesman sees all the items from the customer’s latest orders in a clearly set out table, which can be filtered. Mobile Salesman provides speed, whatever ERP system your customer uses. Normally slow systems are sped up to offer a brand new experience. Higher speed = more orders for your salesmen!

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Office on the road

The options in Mobile Salesman are the same as at the office, the advantage is your salesmen can use them during meetings at customers’ premises.

This eliminates time-consuming paperwork, as orders are recorded in real time for further processing, and salesmen can view a client’s full history. There is no need to arrange or prepare anything at the office, as the salesman can do all this at the customer’s business. The salesman only needs to drop by the office to say hello to colleagues or drink a cup of coffee! This feeling of closeness is the only thing Mobile Salesman can’t give you!


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Connect with your ERP software

As a Mobile Salesman uses universal method of information exchange, it can be connected to any known ERP and accounting systems.

To name a few, it intergrates with MONEY ERP, ABRA, OMEGA, ONIX, POHODA, ODOO, Microsoft NaVi & Dynamics365 and many more. We are sure you will find your’s amongst them as well.

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