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Custom Development

Professional development of websites and web applications at the highest level. With custom development we achieve graphic uniqueness and technical sophistication, which will bring your project success in the strong competition of yur competiton. The speed and flexibility for your growth will allow you to build and maintain a strong brand with the best functionality for your users in the long run.
Websites and web applications in the first place
We will cover the web app or website as a whole.

From analysis, through graphic design and implementation, to administration and long-term development. The latest market standards such as SEO, speed according to Google Core Web Vitals, or optimized browsing on mobile devices are a matter of course for us.

All this with a strong user orientation and in an effort to achieve the best possible performance. We will guide you and achieve the best result for you.

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Mobile applications - a piece of business

Both Android and custom iOS applications, but also as an extension of existing systems, can bring the missing piece to your business. The deep integration that operating systems enable opens up more possibilities than just a responsive website. Whether it’s using notifications, a camera or higher speed and a sophisticated user experience on a smartphone.

We will guide you through the whole process with ease and in order to deliver the application to you according to your ideas. Therefore, we always bounce back from the prototype, on which we verify the customer’s path. Internal testing after implementation helps to tune all processes and lets the application into the closed phase of testing by selected users (early adopters). Only in this way does it get to the public in order to achieve the maximum wow effect.

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Internet and intranet applications

Life brings many challenges. The biggest is how to make your work easier, save human resources in order management, asset management, automated orders from the supplier, or attendance. Sharing documents and information with employees is also not a problem within an intranet application. If you have a problem, the right software solution will help you solve it in a systematic way. Whether it’s transferring Excel or other business processes to an easy-to-maintain and user-friendly application.

This type of application is ideal for iterative implementation, where we bounce back from the basic processes and data you need to digitize. The application gradually expands according to needs and feedback. This will ensure high implementation efficiency, where you only pay for what and when you need it.

There are a number of ready-made solutions, but they do not always “sit” on your processes like a tailor-made application. Whether it is an application for registration, purchase and sale of goods, reporting or B2B communication, digitization of processes from emails and Excel, we will bring added value to you and your customers.

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Data migration and transformation of any system
Don't replace the whole system - link it to what you need. Data transformation integrates data from database, XML or Excel files.
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Custom Development

You have a goal, we can develop it. Whether it is a combination of the above or the design of a new application, tailor-made development will help you achieve your goals. Whether your business model is based on subscription or direct sales of the service, we can create a solution to meet your expectations.

Support and management that delivers
Not satisfied with the management of your application?

Never mind. We can manage and develop existing applications. This is because the redesign of the application is not always the right problem solution. You can keep the system that you, or your employees and customers, used to. Instead, invest in development, such as one of the extension products we offer.

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