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In 2019, three partners at the new company GREJT came with a bold vision to build a substantial business by combining offers from various sectors and creating a confident Slovak version of a multi-brand store similar to Alza.

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Core Development
UI Design

Owners had experience in online sales from other companies, so they decided to go the route of a custom-built e-shop based on progressive technological solutions.

We initiated our collaboration with the creation of the brand and design manual. The next step was the realization of the e-shop.

The specifics of this project were:

  • the necessity to connect to two ERP systems
  • a wide range of 22,000 products (from electronics to household appliances, tools for the workshop and garden, modern SMART products – home assistants)
Integration of two ERP systems

While ERP Xemel manages the inflow of product information from suppliers, ERP Onix is responsible for invoicing and inventory management.

Xemel’s significant advantage is that it supplies the e-shop with all the product information in the form of a feed automatically, eliminating the time-consuming task of creating and inputting data. With numerous suppliers and products, this is an efficient way to manage the e-shop, ensuring that each product has its description, inventory status, and price.

The traditional role of the second ERP, Onix, is to issue invoices, record payments, and manage the inventory.

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Uniqueness of texts for search engines

Because feeds containing the same content were used by several customers from the same supplier, it was necessary to address the uniqueness of GREJT’s texts. Search engines such as Google tend to lower the ranking of pages that have identical text content to others.

Third-party applications

Due to the technical specifics (feeds) and the necessity of connecting two ERP systems, GREJT required an experienced partner. Apart from the previously mentioned, it also utilizes third-party applications that needed integration (such as Ahoj splátky, Heureka košík, Balíkobot, SmartSupp, SmartEmailing, integration with the online marketplace Mall, and Luigi’s application), etc.

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Regarding the cooperation with SmartBase, what I appreciate most is their insight, which enabled them to recommend the most suitable solutions for our specific e-commerce platform.
Radovan CIFRA
Radovan CIFRA
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