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Slovak manufacturer of quality underwear with a 100-year tradition and an extensive network of 42 brick-and-mortar stores throughout Slovakia.

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Core Development
UI Design

We helped the Slovak woman to adapt to a higher interest in shopping online. The new solution brought simpler management linked to Slovenka’s internal ERP system, but also a more attractive and clear shopping experience for the customer.

Technologies used

Slovenka uses SmartBase E-commerce, which is built on the latest stable versions of Python Framework Django and Django CMS. A combination of automated scripts and Docker ensures fast and almost uninterrupted deployment of new versions.

Advanced search and filtering runs on the advanced ElasticSearch solution. All technologies are regularly updated for the highest stability and security of the entire system.

Cleaned up for the customer
Since Slovenka directly manufactures its own goods, their ERP system and internal processes are set as a priority to support production.

Many products that are the same for the customer can therefore appear multiple times in the internal system with deviations necessary for the production process.

Together with Slovenka, we optimized and merged these products and their import from the ERP system for better customer orientation.

Offline sale
Stores are still in fashion
A strong presence of Slovenka in various corners of Slovakia is a great advantage, as even undecided customers can see the goods and feel the quality firsthand directly in the store. Thanks to the integration of the e-shop and physical stores, there is no conflict but rather a complementarity between the online world and brick-and-mortar stores.
The highest speed is engaged
Through constant optimization according to the latest Google Web Vitals standards, the Slovenka eshop manages to be among the best eshops ever.

This has a positive impact not only on the perceived speed for the customer and thus their improved experience. Speed is also an important metric for Google search rankings. In addition to reduced traffic, however, a slow site also brings about an increase in immediate exits, and slow-loading pages can deter customers even during the shopping process.

A fast site not only directly brings in customers with a higher ranking in searches but also retains these customers until they complete their purchase. Long-term, with customers such as Slovenka, we are among the best-optimized e-commerce stores according to Web Vitals.

We're online
Are you a traditional brand and looking for a way to go online?
We are fully aware of the commitments of established brands to their customers. That's why with us you will get not only experienced and responsible professionals, but also easy-going partners who will always be with you.