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webniture Ltd. and their specialized e-shop, drezydokuchyne.sk, focus on selling high-quality kitchen sinks, faucets, waste bins, designer appliances, and kitchen accessories.

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UI Design

Sales in brick-and-mortar stores entail limited offerings for customers and high costs for retailers. The project’s goal was to create a modern and functional e-commerce platform for a company that had traditionally relied on conventional sales in physical stores.

The establishment of the e-shop brought about a new opportunity for retailers to expand their product range and offer customers more choices.

Together with the client, we crafted an efficient e-commerce platform with an intuitive purchasing process and an attractive design. As a result, drezydokuchyne.sk was able to increase the number of orders and achieve higher turnover.

What are the results?

Number of orders

After the new e-shop was launched, the number of orders increased by 45%.

Conversion rate

The increase in the conversion rate from 1.2% to 2.5%.

Average purchase value

Increase in average purchase value by 20% due to product recommendations by customers.

Reduction of advertising costs

Thanks to the new website, advertising costs have been reduced by 25%, while the effectiveness of promotion has increased.

Design, material and dimensions decide

First, a UX analysis of the market, competition and customer needs was carried out, which led to the realization that a large part of customers focus on design, material and dimensions when choosing sinks.

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Detailed selection with shipping

Based on insights from the analysis, a modern and user-friendly website was designed with an intuitive selection of sinks according to customer needs. Customers can easily choose desired parameters such as size, material, color, and other features. The design also included a detailed description of the characteristics and features of each sink. An important aspect was the option to place orders with direct delivery to the specified location.

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Shifting customers to online purchases

After the development was completed, the new e-shop was launched and the company began to actively promote its goods and services on social networks and through advertising campaigns. Thanks to a modern and functional website with an intuitive selection of products, it was possible to increase the number of orders, and customers who previously preferred traditional shopping in brick-and-mortar stores moved to online shopping.

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Peter Markech
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