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The company REMPO manufactures and sells protective, work, and special work equipment. For 75 years, it has been a reliable partner for sole traders, private companies, and state administration organizations. The company’s turnover in 2022 was 12.5 million EUR. The company employs 60 staff members.

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Core Development
UI Design

A traditional supplier in the market for work and protective equipment, the company REMPO, fully satisfied end customer demands at its stores in Bratislava and Banská Bystrica – until the onset of COVID. The limitations associated with the pandemic prompted internal discussions about expanding sales channels.

They realized that an e-shop was the solution to their problem and, as a stable established brand, they were interested in a professional, scalable solution and full system integration.

The initial analysis showed the need to address these key points:

Cover the eCommerce manager position

Usually, this is an internal employee who heads the customer-side project. Since REMPO lacked staff with the necessary know-how, we provided our expert to stand in. This individual communicated with the client’s staff, processed materials, assigned tasks on the client’s side, coordinated activities, and oversaw the entire project.

Build a B2C e-shop

Primarily, this meant integration with the client’s ERP system to ensure:

  • Proper presentation of products and their variations
  • Accurate stock status display on the e-shop
  • Seamless order loading into the system
  • Reservation of items in stock.

The result is the current e-shop: modern, fast, stable – ready for high visitor and order volumes.

What are the results?

The number of orders is steadily increasing

The number of orders has been steadily increasing since the launch in May 2022.

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50 000 visitors per month

Similarly, the e-shop’s traffic is increasing. After 15 months of operation, Rempo reached 50,000 visitors.

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Only 6 months   to the 'Verified by Customers' certificate

Since REMPO had no presence in the online world, they appreciated us as a partner who would assist them in entering the online market. We ensured their connection to product comparators (Heureka.sk) and online marketplaces. As a result, they received the ‘Verified by Customers’ certification on Heureka due to consistent customer satisfaction within the first year of the new e-shop.

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“It was a long-held idea within our company to develop an e-shop, but our inexperience held us back. Hence, we sought an experienced IT partner who could not only program the e-shop but also understand our situation and guide us through the entire process from the very beginning. We presented our requirements to several IT companies and, based on the analysis and personal references, we chose SmartBase.

At the start, an external project manager provided by SmartBase worked exceptionally well. Thanks to him, the collaboration progressed. He answered our questions and resolved many issues that arose during the adaptation process of tailoring the e-shop to our specific requirements. Additionally, he actively aided in setting up processes within our newly emerging e-commerce department.”

The result is a continuously increasing number of online orders and customer satisfaction. They can easily order the goods they are interested in. The collaboration with SmartBase continues even after the launch, and we continue to work together on the e-shop.
Juraj Baláž
eCommerce manager, Rempo
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