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Data migration and transformation for any working system

Unity is strength. In the world of online systems, this is doubly true. Therefore, connect all your systems into one collaborative unit. You get a powerful tool in which you will find all the necessary information in one place. In addition, you can view the uniform data via the web interface. You can integrate them from database, XML or even Excel files. Don't replace the whole system - connect it to what you need.

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Enchanting data transformation
Does your supplier need orders with additional data? Would your business partners welcome the differently structured product catalog? Everything is possible.

After loading the data, you can do various transformations with it. From simply renaming fields to more complex operations, such as calculating certain properties of your data – How many times has the product been sold in the last month. Transform data as needed and get answers to your questions.

Inteligent data in Power BI and data analysis

You have a strong advisor in Power BI. It’s the “oracle ball” in which you see the data to help you make future decisions. It is a technology used to collect, analyze and present company data that help entrepreneurs making the right decisions.

Thanks to Business Intelligence, you can see the data displayed in clear interactive dashboards so you can see the information you need. Subsequent analysis can show you interesting correlations, which brings new opportunities for your business growth.

Possibilities of use

Import data of supported formats such as XLS, XLSX (MS Excel), CSV, JSON, XML. Import / export of data from / to external systems such as MS Dynamics, SAP, SAP Business One, Salesforce, Hubspot, Cybersoft i6, Solitea Money ERP, Solitea Business, AN Systems, A3 Soft, TP Soft, Llarik and more.

Scenarios for data integration include:

  • filling products for eshop,
  • export orders to the supplier,
  • import of orders from a B2B partner,
  • export for carrier and import of labels,
  • export to analytical tool,
  • data structure transformation, completion,
  • master data management.
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