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4ka is one of the four mobile operators in Slovakia. It specializes in large volumes of data at advantageous prices and provides mobile services without long-term commitments. As the first, they introduced a modern 5th generation mobile network to Slovaks.

Since 2022, it also offers home services, including high-speed internet and television with a wide range of TV channels. Over 680,000 customers use 4ka’s services. It has the largest network of sales outlets in Slovakia.

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4ka, a modern mobile operator, aimed to expand its range of mobile devices and improve the user experience on its e-shop. The goal was to provide 4ka customers with a simpler and more personalized way to select and purchase mobile devices and tariffs.

We faced several challenges:

  • Incorporating new mobile devices into the existing product catalog Linking them with the 4ka service system
  • Improving product presentation
  • Enabling customers to select and compare various attributes and services more conveniently
  • Optimizing website speed to make it accessible even for users with slower internet connections.

Customers positively rate the improvement in user interface, product personalization, and presentation, contributing to strengthening the 4ka brand and increasing customer loyalty.

After an internal restructuring, 4ka focused on retail customers (B2C), and SWAN on businesses (B2B). This required adjusting the content arrangement and structure, creating a new design, and integrating a new CMS. Customer goals also included faster page loading.

What results have we achieved?

Increase in the conversion rate

Thanks to the optimization of the web environment and improved product presentation, the conversion rate increased by 20%.

Increase in the average purchase value

Thanks to the personalization of the purchase process and the presentation of related services, customers tended to choose higher tariffs and other additional services.

Reduction in the purchase process time

The new design and layout of the pages allowed for an easier and faster selection of mobile devices and tariffs.

Reduction the bounce rate

By optimizing the page load speed and improving the user interface, the bounce rate decreased by 15%.

Product presentation through elegant storytelling

An elegant storytelling module was created for the presentation of the products, which allowed customers to familiarize themselves with the offered devices in the form of stories. The important attributes of each device were highlighted with visually attractive elements.

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Personalization of the selection of devices and tariffs

Another key element was the personalization of the selection of devices and tariffs. We designed a system that allowed customers to easily and intuitively select desired purchase attributes such as services, device maturity, and the device itself.

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Optimal purchase process

First, we conducted an analysis of the current state of the 4ka website and identified key areas that needed improvement. Then, we proposed a new structure for the product catalog and optimized the process of purchasing mobile devices.

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Easy e-shop management

We then integrated the new devices into the existing 4ky system using Docker technology, which guaranteed smooth development and easy website updates.

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With our e-commerce expertise, we've significantly enhanced the customer experience of the 4ka e-shop by several notches. The purchasing process is now much faster, the average purchase value has notably increased, and conversely, the bounce rate has decreased. Thanks to this optimization, the client can now compete at the top of the mobile operator market.
Peter Žabka
Peter Žabka
Project Manager, SmartBase
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