About the company

The most advanced hybrid printer in Slovakia offers customers more exclusive, technically demanding, and commonly unavailable printing products.

It aims to refresh and make the printing production more appealing, support education in this field, broaden the horizons of clients, and continually enhance printing possibilities for both customers and partners.

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Core Development

One of the most innovative printing houses, DIW, tackled the issue of complex print price lists. They needed to create an e-shop that offers maximum flexibility to customers in service selection while providing accurate pricing information.

  • DIW utilizes SmartBase® E-commerce in its latest version
  • Built on the latest stable versions of Python Framework Django and Django CMS
  • Rapid and nearly flawless deployment of new modifications is ensured by a combination of automated scripts and Docker
  • Advanced search and filtering are based on a sophisticated ElasticSearch solution

All technologies are regularly updated to ensure the highest stability and security of the overall system.


What parameters does the new e-shop reach?

300 ms
Time for the most demanding price calculation

The eshop calculates even the most complex calculation formulas within 300ms (less than a third of a second).

500 tis
Dial parameters

500,000 dial parameters and 88 calculation formulas are included in the calculation

10+ mil
Amount of combinations

The potential number of combinations is counted in tens of millions and the eshop calculates them within 300ms.

Immediate and accurate price offer, without phone calls and emails
From Excel to easily manageable calculations

Formulas that previously consisted of complicated and hard-to-maintain spreadsheets have now been transferred into clearly manageable cost calculations. The advantage of this move is faster speed and immediate response directly in the e-shop, without the need for phone calls and price offers for each order. The migration of Excel formulas to the web thus combined the best of both worlds for maximum optimization of company processes and customer experience.

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A fast site attracts and keeps visitors
Due to the maximum customer experience, traffic also increases

A slow site carries with it the risk of increasing bounces, and slow loading of browsed pages can discourage the customer during the purchase. That’s why we focused on page loading speed to maximize customer experience and increase traffic over the long term.

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A higher position in the search

Through constant optimization according to the latest Google Web Vitals standards, the DIW print eshop manages to be among the best eshops ever. Speed is also an important metric for Google search ranking.

A fast page not only directly brings clients a higher position in the search, but also keeps customers until they make a purchase. For a long time, with our clients, such as DIW, we have been ranked among the best optimized e-shops according to Web Vitals metrics.

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