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About company

ProSpánek SE provides everything the customer needs for quality and comfortable sleep, with the help of highly trained salespeople, since 1991. They have a network of stores not only in the Czech Republic, but also in Slovakia, Poland and Hungary.

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Core Development
UI Design

The company ProSpánek SE came to us with a vision of a comprehensive sales portal that will cover 4 European markets and will be connected to 69 sales points. An important task was also to improve the user experience, especially on mobile devices, and to streamline the purchasing process for customers.

We started with a thorough analysis of user behavior on the existing version of the website. Based on the data obtained and the UX audit, weak points were identified and solutions were proposed to improve the user experience and increase the efficiency of the web portal.

Cooperation with us brought ProSpánek measurable results in the form of an increased conversion rate, a larger volume of average purchases and a decrease in the rate of website abandonment.

What are the results of cooperation?
+25 %
Increase in conversion rate

Thanks to the optimization of the user interface and the improvement of the presentation of the products, the conversion rate increased by 25%.

+15 %
Increase in average purchase value

An advanced product configurator helped customers personalize their purchases, resulting in an average increase in purchase value of 15%.

Reducing the bounce rate

Better user experience and responsive web design contributed to a 20% drop in bounce rates.

Great customer experience

Because the mobile version of the e-shop was already used by a high percentage of users at that time, a user-friendly design was created, responsive for different types of devices.

The call center also contributes to the customer experience, where customers can call and solve their questions. All from the comfort of your own home, including the ability to track the status of your order and delivery. Thanks to this, the customer experience does not differ, whether the customer goes to the store or to the e-shop.

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Precise selection of mattresses and beds

ProSpánek takes pride in its high standard of service at its stores, where customers, with the assistance of trained salespeople, choose mattresses or beds precisely according to their individual needs.

To bring the quality of this service to online sales, we created an advanced product configurator that allowed customers to select mattresses and beds based on their needs and preferences. At the same time, this expanded the product catalog to millions of possible combinations of size, decor, and other features. An accurately calculated price is also available to help the customer make a decision.

The configurator also replaced the time-consuming manual price calculation done by employees in the stores.

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Simplifying expansion into new markets

The implementation of a unified sales channel has allowed ProSpánek to expand more easily into additional European markets. This has reduced the costs associated with training employees in individual countries and increased flexibility in international trade.

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The collaboration went very well. At SmartBase, we gained an experienced and willing partner for  whom we weren't just another project, but a partner who put their heart into our project.
Ludvík Machala
Ludvík Machala
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