About the company

FixShop offers a wide range of services related to mobile devices, tablets, and PCs.

Within its service, it specializes in out-of-warranty and insurance repairs of mobile phones, tablets, and PCs. It repairs both well-known and lesser-known brands, such as Apple, Samsung, Lenovo, Huawei, Xiaomi, Sony, LG, Asus, Acer, Nokia, Microsoft, Blackberry, OnePlus, CAT, HTC, and many more.

For customers who dare to repair their devices themselves, it provides repair guides.

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Core Development
UI Design

FixShop, one of the top 50 online exporters in the Central and Eastern European region, aimed to create an e-shop that would offer not only repair services but also guides for repairing the most common issues with mobile phones, tablets, and laptops, such as replacing cracked touchscreens, LCD displays, or batteries.

Our goal was to create a platform that would cater to both professional service technicians and enthusiastic DIYers, as well as regular customers, across the entire spectrum of offerings, from mobile phones to tablets, smartwatches, gaming consoles, and even coffee makers and electric scooters.

Redesign of the purchasing process to ensure the smoothest buying experience.

What do customers value?

Regarding services and prices, including the duration

The new e-shop provides a clear overview of services and prices, including the duration. It also offers device diagnostics and, for maximum convenience, the option to order a courier who will pick up the device at the customer’s location.

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The services are complemented by a wide range of devices

The service offering is complemented by nearly 20,000 products for sale: accessories for mobile devices, laptops, and other smart devices, cases, protective glasses, power banks, data cables, travel chargers, or audio accessories, all available for almost all mobile brands (Samsung, Huawei, Apple iPhone, Sony, Xiaomi, and other brands).

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Spare parts: easy and fast search

In the case of spare parts, it is not easy to estimate whether the customer is looking for a specific part by its name, numerical code, device type or simply parameters. We knew we had to take into account different requirements and solved this with a refined category structure along with extensive filtering and elastic search.

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Compatible spare parts are already in the product range

For some parts, they are compatible with dozens of devices, not directly intended for a single device. To maintain flexibility, the customer will find this product for every compatible device, complete with the name and description for that specific device, ensuring their selection.

FixShop has the largest stock of spare parts with the widest range in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

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"Do-It-Yourself" Guides

On the e-shop, we’ve created a section with 55 repair guides and linked it to the spare parts offering and necessary tools.

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Reliability, Speed, and Security

Thanks to the use of modern technologies and their latest versions, the new e-shop operates securely, swiftly, and reliably. Intuitive search and filtering support an exceptional customer experience.

The project utilizes the SmartBase Eshop platform, built on the latest stable versions of the Python Framework Django and Django CMS. Swift and hassle-free deployment of new versions is ensured through automated scripts and Docker. Advanced search and filtering are based on a sophisticated ElasticSearch solution. All technologies are regularly updated for maximum system stability and security. The e-shop is integrated with the ERP system from AN Systems via API.

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Our e-shop is highly complex. It includes a vast number of products, their combinations, compatibilities, and services. We turned to SmartBase because, for technical reasons, we couldn't move forward with our previous solution and were seeking a partner who could handle the challenges of our business in the long term and would have a personalized approach to the customer. After seven years of collaboration and launching in seven countries, I must say that we have found a partner who has exceeded our highest expectations.
FixShop team
FixShop team
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